Keynote Speaker: Dawn has been speaking to large audiences for over 20 years, entertaining them with her insightful, witty and motivating speeches. A year’s active duty in Afghanistan [2003-2004] triggered a genuine passion for the women of that war-torn country and has led to more powerful, moving, and inspirational messages which are woven into her keynotes today.

In addition to her speaking, Dawn has coached over 500 individual and corporate clients to greater personal and organizational success. Blending powerful techniques with a razor-sharp ability to cut through to the core issues that keep an individual from reaching their highest potential, Dawn has transformed the lives of men, women and organizations across the US and world.

Dawn is also a professional photographer. Her signature pieces are from Afghanistan, taken during her combat tour in 2003-2004. Now she lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and photographs throughout New England. Her extensive travels make up the remainder of her portfolio.

History: Dawn was born in the Boston area and educated at both Temple University and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She was commissioned a lieutenant in the US Army in 1976 and served for over 25 years in both active duty and reserve status. She served in Korea, the Pacific, Germany, and most recently Afghanistan. Her interests include hiking, reading, photography, genealogy and history. She is the President of the New Castle Historical Society in New Castle, NH where she now resides.